ATTENTION: We have moved again! As of January 10th 2017 we will meet at our new venue, the Basislager in Peterssteinweg 14, 04107 Leipzig. The room is "Kilimanjaro" on the ground floor..

Good speakers are made, not born

Communication skills are a great key to success. The good news is: everybody can become a good communicator. But it needs a lot of practice.

Toastmasters offers you an opportunity to practise and improve your communication skills. Our Leipzig Toastmasters Club meets twice a month, and our meetings are conducted in English. We give prepared and impromptu speeches in the supportive environment of our club. We give each other constructive feedback on the strong points a speaker has and on points to improve. And we have lots of fun during our club evenings.

Toastmasters is an international non-profit organisation. Our activities are not commercial, but of high quality. Guests are most welcome to visit us and see what our meetings are like.

Welcome to Leipzig Toastmasters!