Can I just come to a meeting as a guest or do I require any formalities?

You don’t have to register and we don’t require any formalities at all. Just come and be our guest and see what our meetings are like.

Does it cost any money to come to your meetings?

As a guest, you don’t pay for visiting our meetings.

For further information about membership and fees - talk to experienced Toastmasters at the meeting you visit.

Do I have to be perfect in English to take part in a Toastmasters meeting?

No. In fact, the level of English is quite varied in our group. We do have some English and American native speakers, but we also have Germans who are still learners. If you did reasonably well during your English lessons at school and if you can understand the things said on this website, you will be fit for our meetings. Improving one’s English is a very nice “side effect” of our meetings, but the focus is on communication skills.

How about drinks and dinner?

Some table water is available free for everyone and there is also a small selection of soft drinks and beer for low prices in a fridge. You pick what you like and put the money in a box, on a mutual trust basis.

There is a 20-minute break within our meetings you can use to consume food that you brought yourself or have bought in nearby stores or bars.

Is there a particular dress code for your meetings?

We have a good mix of people with different backgrounds - still we practice professional meeting atmosphere. Make sure your clothing makes you feel comfortable in this kind of environment.