What happens at a typical meeting of Leipzig Toastmasters?

We start at 7:10 pm and finish at approximately 9:20 pm. 

A typical meeting runs like this:

The Toastmaster of the Evening opens the meeting, and throughout the evening, he or she will explain the agenda, announce speakers etc.

In the Introductory round everybody present briefly introduces himself or herself. Through this quick “warm-up”, guests get an idea who the present members are, and members get to know the guests.

Giving a Prepared Speech is reserved to our members. They have 10 speech projects. Each of them focuses on one specific skill which you need in communication (e.g. how to structure a speech, how to use vocal variety, body language, or how to persuade an audience to accept or to do something). On a normal evening, 2-3 prepared speeches will be presented.

During the Table Topics Session, people get an opportunity to give brief 1–2 minute impromptu speeches. A Table Topics Master has prepared 6–8 questions or statements, and calls members to give a brief spontaneous speech on this. Even you as a guest can give such an impromptu speech if you volunteer to do so.

During a 20 minute break you can have some food and drinks and it is a nice opportunity to socialise. 

Feedback is the big headline of the second half of the evening. A General Evaluator and a team of individual Evaluators will give a detailed and constructive feedback to every speaker of the first part of the evening. The evaluations highlight strong points of the speakers and give some advice on points to improve.

Timing: In “real speaking life” many speakers make themselves unpopular by speaking overtime. Keeping within the given time limit is a sign of respect for the audience. Therefore, clear timing instructions are given to speakers (e.g. an impromptu speech should last 1-2 minutes, a prepared speech 5-7 minutes, an evaluation 2-3 minutes etc.).

The evening ends with a Toast to Toastmasters International. Often, people then meet afterwards for some more chatting and socialising.

A sample agenda

This is a sample agenda representing our usual meeting structure:

Time Role Event Duration
7:00 pm Arrival of members and guests, members with special roles, like the Toastmaster of the Evening, arrive earlier, new membes are recommend to do so, too, to find out more about our club and how it works before the meeting
7:10 pm Toastmaster of the Evening Beginn of the evening. Brief (10-20 sec.) member and guest self-introductions 5 mins
Meet and Greet Toast of the Evening 1 to 3 mins
Toastmaster of the Evening Introduction of the prepared speakers
1st Speaker 5 to 7 mins each, sometimes up to 10 mins, depending on type of speech
2nd Speaker
3rd Speaker
Table Topics Master Table Topics - Impromptu Speeches up to 20 mins
8:15 pm Break talk to other members and guests or enjoy your pre-ordered dinner downstairs in the restaurant 30 mins
Club Business & Awards Business Session 5 to 10 mins
Toastmaster of the Evening Introduction of the General Evaluator
1st Evaluator Evaluation of prepared speech #1 2 to 3 mins each
2nd Evaluator Evaluation of prepared speech #2
3rd Evaluator Evaluation of prepared speech #3
Table Topics Evaluator (Odd) Evaluation of odd-numbered Table Topics speakers
Table Topics Evaluator (Even) Evaluation of even-numbered Table Topics speakers
Grammarian Grammarian's Report
Ah Counter Report on Ah's & Um's 1 to 2 mins
Entertainment Listening Post 2 to 3 mins
Timekeeper Report on times
General Evaluator General Evaluator's Report 3 to 5 mins
9:20 pm End of Meeting