The Toastmaster of the Evening is the meeting's host and makes introductions.

Before the meeting

The Toastmaster will

  • print the agenda created with our online tool easy-Speak and take the copies to the meeting.

Before the meeting starts

The Toastmaster will

  • arrive early to make sure the meeting can start well organized,
  • study the agenda to see if there are open roles so he/she can find people to do them,
  • check with the Vice President of Education to see if there are any program changes,
  • check with the Table Topics Master for duties and prospective participants,
  • check with speakers for speech title, manual project number, evaluator, time requested to find something interesting for the introduction,
  • prepare remarks for bridging gaps between program segments,
  • conceive a question for the self-introduction round.

He or she might also hand his Competent Leadership manual to some evaluator to get credit for his job as Toastmaster.

During the meeting

The Toastmaster will

  • keep the meeting on track,
  • discourage interruptions and encourage the audience to listen to the speakers,
  • create an atmosphere of interest, expectation, and receptivity,
  • ask questions and/or repeat key points to facilitate understanding,
  • help the meeting to flow smoothly.

A prepared speaker's introduction might look like this:

  • introduce the speaker,
  • call for the evaluator to read the objectives,
  • give timing instructions to the timer,
  • asks audience to welcome the speaker on stage,
  • introduces the speech with a pattern like title, manual, name - name, title,
  • lead applause, shake hands, leave the stage.

Now the speaker speaks and the evaluator takes his or her notes. When the speaker finishes, the Toastmaster

  • comes back on the stage,
  • thanks the speaker, shakes hand and again leads the applause.

More information

More information on the Toastmaster of the Evening role can be found here: