Good speakers are made, not born.

Become one.  

Dear members and guests, we normally run Hybrid-Meetings. According to current restrictions and risk of exposure we run online-only meetings. As soon as the situation with regards to the ongoing pandemic improves, we will again hold hybrid meetings at our location Basislager in Leipzig as usual. Stay safe and healthy! We look forward to welcome you at our next meeting!

Communication skills  are a big key to success.

"If you can't communicate and talk to other people and get across your ideas, you're giving up your potential."
~ Warren Buffet ~

The good news is:
Everybody can become a good communicator.

But it takes a lot of practice.

Toastmasters offers you an opportunity to practise and improve your communication skills.

And - we have lots of fun during our club meetings!

How Can Toastmasters Help You?

The Toastmasters learning experience is developed around five core competencies.

Public Speaking

Frequent practise during our club meetings will help you to be more confident and persuasive in public speaking. 

Interpersonal Communication

Build your skills as a collaborative leader. Focus on active listening, motivating others, and collaborating with a team. 

Strategic Leadership

At Toastmasters, you can practise leadership skills through communication, teamwork, and accepting responsibility for the success of club meetings or activities.


You'll build skills as a positive communicator and leader by understanding and building consensus, contributing to others' development by coaching, and establishing strong public speaking skills.


Practising all these will give you confidence and a true sense of achievement.

Well-known people who have benefited from Toastmasters

5 Reasons To Join Toastmasters

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