You may want to know...

What does it cost?

As a guest, you can come as often you like for free.

Members pay a small fee, which helps us to pay for the drinks, food, materials for the evening. 

What is happening during the meeting?

We have 2-3 prepared speeches, impromptu speeches (where you can be involved if you like:), a break and a part where we get feedback (see the video).

Fun, laughs, and emotions are included.  

How many of you are there?

Every meeting, we have about 15 people in attendance, and a few guests. You will not be the only new one, so you can relax.

I am an introvert

And many of us are, too. We are a friendly place where we try to make sure everyone feels warmly welcomed.

Do I have to register for the meeting?

No, just come along. You don't need to tell us in advance.

Some questions left? Contact us. We are more than happy to help.